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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.Huawei super fast charging vertical wireless charger, suitable for Huawei P40 pro, P40 PRO +, mate 30, etc
  • 2. The high gloss glass panel is as delicate as a handicraft. It is wrapped in aluminum alloy and durable. 60 degree elevation 1 vertical design, in line with the ergonomic principle, handle the mobile phone gently, you can charge while playing the love machine, comfortable operation
  • 3. It doesn't need to be shelled. Put it gently and charge it immediately. The maximum power is 40W. Put it down and charge it. Pick it up and stop it. Say goodbye to the cable.
  • 4. The industry's new vertical air cooling design, built-in high-efficiency centrifugal fan, innovative bottom three-dimensional air duct design, air slot heat dissipation design, can heat the charger as well as the mobile phone. Efficient cooling, low temperature and fast charging
  • 5. Built in double coil, wider sensing range, the maximum 40W wireless super fast charge can be felt when placed horizontally and vertically, which is stable and fast when placed in the middle. Emancipate hands, play, office are handy, with silicone anti-skid pad at the bottom, fixed mobile phone, safe and comfortable.

Product Details

Huawei super fast charging vertical wireless charger (max 40W) cp62 elegant black

Intelligent fan design, intelligent dynamic adjustment of fan speed during the day, automatic switching to super silent mode at night, even if the shallow sleeper is placed on the bedside for charging, it can still sleep quietly.
 Huawei vertical wireless charger is equipped with external LED indicator light, which can display the current charging status of mobile phone at any time. When the white light is off, it is in standby state; when the white light is always on, it is in charging state; when there is interference from metal objects such as keys or coins during charging, the LED indicator light will flash to remind that it is in incorrect charging state at this time.
It has passed TUV safety fast charging certification in Rhine, Germany, with multiple safety protection to ensure charging safety and escort your aircraft.

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