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Xiaomi mobile power supply

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1. Aluminum alloy metal shell with high structural strength and crash resistance
  • 2. The experience of 18W dual port input self charging is improved again. Micro USB and usb-c two input interfaces can achieve 18W power when inputting, and self charging can be completed in 4 hours. Two ubs-a output interfaces can charge two electronic devices at the same time, fast and agile
  • 3.LED power indicator light prompts to control the remaining power consumption at any time
  • 4.Meet the international aviation standard: the battery energy of a single mobile power product is less than 100wh, and it has passed the UN38.3 test
  • 5.Small current device: Xiaomi mobile power 310000mah fast charging version also supports small current charging for non Xiaomi brand Bluetooth headset, bracelet and other devices

Product Details

Xiaomi mobile power 3 10000mah fast charging product parameters product model plm13zm battery type lithium ion polymer battery

Battery energy 37wh 3.7V 10000mah

Rated capacity 5500mah (5.1V / 2.6a]

Input interface micro-USB / usb-c

Output interface usb-a

Input parameter (usb-c): 5V = 2.1a9v = 2.1a12v = 1.5A (micro USB): 5V = 2.1a / 9V = 2.1a 12V II 1.5A

Output parameters (single port usb-a): 5.1V -- 2.4a. 9V -- 2A 12V -- 1.5A / (dual port usb-a): 5.1V -- 2.6a

Operating temperature 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C

Product size 147.8 x 73.9 x 15.3mm

Charging time about 6 hours (5V / 2A charger) / about 4 hours (9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A charger)

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