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Wireless Bluetooth headset

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In ear movement / True wireless Bluetooth headset / Split headset

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1. Fast second connection, Bluetooth 5.0 automatic second connection, the new generation of Bluetooth technology can be used with headphones, fast and stable connection
  • 2.1G light, 12h long, comfortable to wear for endurance, free adjustment with charging box, not easy to fall off, brush 6 movies, anti touch voice control, dual ear multi-function button, calling voice assistant
  • 3.4-hour single endurance, extended to 12 hours with charging box, satisfactory endurance performance
  • 4.Small headset with built-in chip, new generation Bluetooth 5.0, small headset with built-in chip, redmi airdots equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, data transmission rate is improved compared with the previous generation, connection is faster and more stable, listening to songs and playing games are smooth
  • 5.Lightweight and comfortable

Product Details

Redmi airdots cannot connect two mobile phones at the same time. It does not support one for two. The earphone can reach IPx4 waterproof level, and the charging box is not waterproof. The earphone itself cannot adjust the volume. You need to adjust the volume through the mobile phone. Redmi airdots adopts Ruiyu rtl8763bfr Bluetooth chip and supports dual channel stereo.

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