To ensure the safe use of lithium battery, choosing the type of MOS tube is the key
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With the development of microelectronics technology in the 20th century, the number of miniaturized devices is increasing, and lithium batteries have been widely used due to their high energy density, long life and environmental protection. However, due to its own characteristics and materials, lithium batteries are often composed of a battery cell and a protective plate. Among them, MOS tube plays a crucial role in the protection plate of lithium battery.

In recent years, the explosion accident caused by lithium battery is frequent. This year, the CEO of a foreign fund company was killed when a cell phone battery exploded while charging. Therefore, the safety of lithium battery has once again been the focus of attention of product merchants and consumers. However, as far as we can see, lithium batteries are used to power everything from electronic and intelligent products such as mobile phones and laptops to transportation vehicles such as electric cars. This requires the effective and safe operation of lithium battery protection panels and their components.

Lithium battery protection plate, as the name implies is used to protect lithium battery, the main function is to protect the battery but put, but charge, but flow, there is a short circuit to protect the output. The MOS tube provides overcurrent protection for the protection plate of lithium battery, mainly playing the role of detecting overcharge, over discharge, over current during charging, over current during discharge, and over current during short circuit.

In actual work, according to different applications, the lithium battery protection plate will use multiple power MOS tubes to operate in parallel, so as to reduce the conduction resistance and enhance the heat dissipation performance. Therefore, in the selection of MOS tube, MOS BVDSS should be selected according to the voltage of lithium battery cells in series, and MOS current should be selected according to the current discharge current requirements of battery capacity and the requirements of overcurrent and short-circuit protection.

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