The "heart" of electric vehicle adapter, MOS tube into the future development of electric vehicle key
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With the continuous improvement of The Times and social level, environmental protection has become one of the most popular topics. At the same time, due to the non-renewable nature of fossil fuels, electric vehicles will be widely used in the future as an effective alternative to fuel vehicles. At the same time, electric vehicle controller as its "brain", MOS tube is the most core electronic device.

In simple terms, the motor of the electric vehicle controller is driven by the output current of the MOS tube. The larger the output current is, the stronger the motor torque will be and the stronger the acceleration will be. If the controller of electric vehicle is the "brain" of electric vehicle, then the MOS tube is the "heart" of electric vehicle controller.

It is well known that the normal functioning of the heart determines a person's health, and the same is true for electric vehicle controllers. Once the controller of an electric vehicle has a fault caused by the MOS tube, the electric vehicle will not be able to use normally, affecting the user's travel. Heavy will appear a major traffic safety accident, endanger people's health and safety! Therefore, MOS tube with excellent performance and wear resistance has become the first choice of many electric vehicle manufacturers.

Led by the market and safety demand, feihong launches different types of products to meet the needs of major electric vehicle manufacturers. Among them, BVDSS of MOSFET and BVDSS of MOSFET are selected according to the input voltage provided by the battery. The number of MOSFET tubes used can be divided into 6 tubes, 9 tubes, 12 tubes, 15 tubes, 18 tubes and 24 tubes according to the power of the electric vehicle controller

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